Belts is quite an interesting item in a man's wardrobe as it describes the subtle nature of the person and is an anchor of his complete attire. It comes in wide variety of color, materials and styles which are produced by various brands in the market. When you shop for decent brands all these characteristics stun your mind. Therefore, you need to know few important aspects of belts that can make your search less of a hassle. There are mainly two types of belts present, you should be able to distinguish among them with simple tips.

If the width of the belt equates the length of your thumb then its formal, anything broader than your thumb will fall into casual category. Furthermore, if the belt is glossy and shiny then it's certainly a formal leather belt as casual belts tends to be matte and subdued colors. It is preferred that you should have both types of belts.

Buying a Belt

Leather parts are essential part of the dressing, apart from holding up your pants they sure add flair of elegance your personality. Belts are made from various types of skin, but more commonly calf skin is used, if you want something exotic then ostrich skin can give you a supreme fashion confidence. The most expensive and extravagance are the lizard skin belts which are made from the skin of alligators and crocodiles, they can easily top up to thousands of dollars. The scaled pattern on the lizard skin gives an outlandish look. Casual belts give you an array of designs and colors to choose from. Some of the popular styles of teen have phrase buckles, logo or a celebrity style. Unlike formal belts they are produced in varied materials including canvas, cloth and even plastic. The color in casual leather are unique and are not ported to formal belts, shades of red, olive green and navy are very common.

Fashion Rule Should be applied

Fashion rules apply even in getting the a simple belt, it is very easy to mix up thing when shopping and it often happen that you buy something and later on you can't figure out how are you going to wear it. You should know when to get a new belt instead of punching holes in the leather. Do not imitate the movie stars blindly because mostly they wore styles that only look good in fantasy world. The most common mistake people do is to mix up the styles like wearing formal belts on jeans or a funky belt on a dress belt. On the other hand of you are not wearing any belt do not tuck in your shirt.

Choosing a color

Choosing colors in belts depends a lot on your budget, if you are down on your budget then simply get a thin black dress and casual brown belt. But if you want to spend opulently on belts and have the confidence to wear them anywhere then you can go for the various funky colors available in casual belts though you won't find much color variation in leather belts except for tan, brown and black, you can experiment with various colors to know what fits best on you.

Belt Care

Caring for your belts can prolong its life and can make you look good every time you where it. Hung the belt lengthwise and avoid leaving it in the loop as it will distort the shape of the belt permanently. You can also use a belt rack or a tie rack. Although expensive leather belts are very durable they still need to be taken care. Polish the buckle of the belt frequently and buff it to shine to make just like new.

Stylish Belts